Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Love Poem For The Ages

Love... it can be humbling. The following original poem by G. Laidlaw is all about the humbling power of love...

© Copyright by the Author. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Nodrog's Lament

Your beauty decrees
Moonbeams and Starlight
Through Space and Time
In cosmic battles compete,
Striving for the honor
Of briefly dancing
Circles 'cross your cheek
While you dream.

Let me gaze not into your eyes
Lest I become spellbound
Lost amid the kaleidoscopic pinwheels
Of sunlight and rainbows
Dancing in opalescent splendor
'Neath your lashes,
Teasing, enticing me with
Veiled glimpses of passionate realms
Deep within your Soul where
Love and laughter cavort
Like nectar-sated butterflies
Spinning secret tapestries
On the warm evening breezes
Born of a late Summer's Eve.

Smile not when I am so enraptured
For it might embolden within me belief
If my heart is true
My intentions pure
I may, like quiet mist, slip shadow-quick
Into the translucent rays of Divine Creation
Emanating from your Soul.
To therein find the key
Enabling me to solve the riddle
To earn, finally
The right to stay
Beside you forever.

Ah, 'tis lovesick folly indeed
For truly you are
The Envy of Angels
Sullen and angry with God
For passing them by
To linger in your light.
They who wear the arrogance of permanence
Squander the luxury of time
Could only watch aghast
As God
Upon the delicate bloom
Of a mortal human vessel
Did bestow His gifts
Heavenly beauty and feline grace.

A fool am I
Who dares to dream
Beauty of such perfect balance
In fragile iridescence wrapped
Could be entrusted to a creature
Brutal and awkward as I.

G. Laidlaw.

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