Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Poem About Angels

Da Shang Der Flocken Harden

A sailor
Drifts upon the sea.
His craft
Barnacle-bound beneath.
A sole observer
Of his drift in an empty space.
Eyes salted shut
Lips cracked and raw
Pull a smile to his face.

His water filled lungs can't scream
His waterlogged brain can't dream
So angels sing

Da shang der flocken harden

A hooker
Street hardened
Slumps below a sign.
Cheap rooms for rent
Reflect her mind.
Nickel bag
The sole survivor
Of her descent
A crazy ride.
Eyes rimmed with age
Arms bruised and raw
Trap the lady inside.

A ruby lipped silent scream
Heroin helped her to dream
So angels sing

Da shang der flocken harden

It's funny
Yet tragic
I think it's my turn.
Candle lighted
Ready to burn.
A mystery
The sole reminder
Of magic days loving you.
Eyes brim with tears
So many years
I spent wasted on you.

I'm hurting I want to scream
I see angels when I dream
And they're singing

Da shang der flocken harden
Da shang der flocken harden
Meezer ring dum ho

-G. Laidlaw

© Copyright by the Author. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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