Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Truth is Out There (There being Outside)

When I posted my last blog entry on May 8th I thought it would be easy to post a new entry every couple of days. I have free time now that I no longer spend hours each day working on a website and there are certainly lots of interesting things going on in the world and my place in it to inspire a more frequent output. I have lots of opinions and I'm not shy about sharing them, nor do I sidestep asking difficult questions of that world, the people in it and of myself.

Heck, I might even write something worth reading some day... if, that is, I get around to actually writing something.

I've thought about writing since my last entry of May 8th, lots of times. I just haven't until now, actually sat down to write anything. In fact, I've hardly been at the computer, let alone online, for the last few weeks.

I've been at work of course but all of my free time, the time I could be writing a blog that maybe, just maybe someone other than my Mother will read, the time I could be on Facebook doing... well, nothing usually, or the time I could be working on re-sizing past photo albums... ALL that free time I have spent doing something else.

I've been outside.

Outside, both in the literal sense of being outdoors and the ethereal sense of being outside MY bubble - thoughts, feelings and choices that are borne of an instinctual need to be the center of one's own universe - and instead offering that time to my family... my wife (who I fall in love with again every day) and our dog (the world's cutest Long-haired Chihuahua)

Oh, and I suppose the cat too.

Anyway, THAT kind of time, time spent with and about family... as much as possible in the great outdoors...

That kind of time trumps anything the internet can offer (or TV, movies, video games etc).

So, that's why I've been derelict (again) in posting entries in this blog but seriously, with all the gazillions and gazillions of things added to the internet every day I'd be kidding myself thinking anybody would stumble across it by accident and read it this far but if you did....

Here's the good part...

Going outside instead of online is a good thing. Get offline, get up and get outside.

Seriously. It's Spring. Wondrous things are occurring everywhere. I will write of some of the things I have seen and what I've discovered in these new lightened days which illuminate the path to whatever future awaits me, in this life and beyond.

So stop by once in awhile and see if there's anything new. And it should be once in awhile. Hopefully you're spending most of your free time outdoors, with loved ones and family, with God because if one did get the chance to look back at life at the moment of its ending it would be those times remembered for their richness and regretted for being discarded in favor of other less gratifying to the soul that provided a truth too late discovered.

The truth is out there.

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