Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dance Of The Butterfly

Dance Of The Butterfly

I walked out to the meadow,
Sat beside the hedgerow,
To watch the butterflies
Dance across the endless sky.
Gleaming blade in sweating fist,
Drained the will from ravaged wrist...
Drifted to an empty space,
Met the Mutant face to face.
Surrounded by a ring of black
The final stop, no turning back.
He said I'm just another one
Unaware of what he's done.
Fingered beads strung through his hair.
Fixed me with a mutant stare.
Scratched his nose and shook his head
Stoked the fire, in a whisper said:
"Behold the Monarch Butterfly,
Dancing cross the endless sky.
Behold the Monarch Butterfly,
Searching for a place to die."
Then he stirred the sands
With gnarled hands
Passed a feather cross the fire.
With long dead things conspired
To cleave my tainted heart.
The Mutant smiled a mutant smile
And tore my life apart.
Senses reeling I staggered back,
Swallowed by a ring of black.
Thought I heard my own voice scream
When he unveiled the Monarch's dream.
Heard his voice - "What will you do
When the Monarch's dream is through?"
On the run...
Into the sun...
What have I done...

- G. Laidlaw

© Copyright by the Author. All rights reserved. Used with permission

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