Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toads That Scream - One for the kids

My friend Scott is a wrestler and an artist and he's also a teacher. He might know someone who will enjoy this poem...

Toads That Scream

Toads that scream
Live by the stream
In the forest deep.
They scream so loud
That all around
No one gets to sleep.
Screaming toads
Make screaming calls.
They drown out other animals.
Screaming toads
Scream out their words.
They even drown out singing birds.
Screaming toads
Go for a swim,
Screaming as the all jump in.
All the forest creatures heard
The screaming toads final words
"We've got to get back out!
Here comes a speckled trout!"
Then there was a splash
And the screaming stopped.
Everything was quiet
Where the toads had hopped.
Now everyone could get some sleep
In the quiet forest deep.
Suddenly toads that scream
Surfaced in the forest stream.
They hopped out on the forest floor
Screaming louder than before.
Toads that scream
Jumped in the stream
Got eaten by a trout.
Toads that scream
Taste way too green
So he spit them out.
Now all around
The forest grounds
No one gets to sleep
Because toads that scream
Live by the stream
In the forest deep.

- G. Laidlaw

© Copyright by the Author. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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