Sunday, August 26, 2012

"A Hero's Call" - An Endorsement.

Before I get to adding blog entries created under my newly recognized urge to write I'd like to take a moment to talk about a different blog worth checking out...

Remember me mentioning the gazillions of blog and other things uploaded to the web each day by its millions of users, and how random it might be that anyone would stumble upon one specific blog? It's a crowded place, the internet is. It's easy to miss some excellent stuff amid the plethora of choices. (Most of them bland, narcissistic, paranoid, anarchistic, boring, judgmental or derivative of a billion others posted last week)

"A Hero's Call" is a blog you don't want to miss. It's written by Jon McCausland, the co-founder of what once was Canada's greatest independent pro wrestling company... UWA Hardcore Wrestling

Now, before you go running away in a panic at the mention of pro wrestling... relax. While "A Hero's Call" does chronicle the creation and rise of UWA Hardcore Wrestling, at its core is the story of a young man's climb to maturity, the struggle to attain a childhood dream in the face of discovered realities about himself and the family and cultural environment around him. "A Hero's Call" is more a story about the human spirit than it is about pro wrestling. I seriously recommend you check it out. It's a heck of a read. Find it through the link below.

A Hero's Call

For pro wrestling fans and fans of real-life as entertainment Jon's blog is a piece of a much larger project, a vision that will take pro wrestling to never before seen levels of entertainment and fan inter-action. "Echoes of the Ring" will provide fans a pro wrestling entertainment experience as real as life itself because its core strength is the real life drama and passion of the UWA stars. Inserted within and around those stories are multiple layers and characters adding their energy to the fullness and diversity of the "Echoes of the Ring" experience.

Echoes of the Ring teaser videos and more can be found here

Take a few moments to introduce yourself to "Echoes of the Ring".
Read Jon's blog... It's my first stop when I log onto the internet. (and he's on a brief hiatus to recharge - a great time for your to catch up from the beginning.)

I'll be kicking off Dew On The Newts new direction soon but in the meantime and in-between time, check out A Hero's Call and through it "Echoes of the Ring". There are some exciting things on the horizon... entertainment that matters... entertainment with soul.


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