Friday, August 24, 2012

Changing Arranging

In the time since my last post I've been doing a lot of thinking about writing. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with this blog. I'm still not sure if I have that question answered yet but it doesn't really matter in the face of something else I discovered...

I had very little time to put toward the task. If I didn't have the time to write, what difference did knowing what I intended to write about make?

Putting aside all the internal arguments about whether anything I might write was of any real importance or had any entertainment or other value that made the time it took someone to read it worthwhile I had to first ponder the question of whether the urge to write was strong enough in me to find the time to make it possible to do so.

Turns out it is.

That wasn't an easy decision. In order for me to write I need the time to do so. Since I can't add extra time to a day that writing time must inevitably be taken from something else, some other part of my life must be put aside each time I sit and write this blog, for as long as it takes each entry to be created.

So, I will be continuing this blog.

As to what exactly I will write about I can't yet say. I have a lot of options (and even more opinions.) My life has been interesting, full of wildly divergent  experiences. My interests in things go far beyond my already stated passions for photography, birdwatching and pro wrestling. Like most people, I have strongly felt beliefs about humans and their behavior, the universe and our place in it. All of it is potential material for future editions of this blog.

I promise nothing except this: I will try to avoid being a negative-spewing jerk using my blog to spread sarcastic, bitter personal judgments across the web. There's enough of those people already. That's not to say I won't write things which some may find offensive, distasteful or ludicrous.

And of course... I do this knowing each entry to this blog joins millions (maybe billions) of other things loaded to the internet on any given day. Odds are "Dew On The Newts" won't be noticed by many people however, it is my hope that those who do stop by find it time well wasted. If not, oh well. It is my urge to write. Whether there's a reader ultimately doesn't matter (but it would be nice.)

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