Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Now What?

Life doesn't have a rewind button.
There are no do-overs.
What is done cannot be undone.
The Past corrodes the Now.

You can rewrite the past only with memory - an exercise not unlike covering rust with water-based paint; it may look for now like it's shiny and new but eventually rust wins. You can continue to tell yourself otherwise but that's like carrying ice in a mesh bag in the hope you'll always have water.

The past is not certain. (All memory is fallible.)
Now is not what you believe it to be.
You never really know anyone.
There is but one certainty: the future is uncertain.

The uncertainty of my future mocks my efforts to understand things past.
Like a man unknowingly fallen I don't know why everything is sideways.
And I wonder, was it always thus?

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