Sunday, December 26, 2010

Man You Factor Holidays

Boxing Day, 2010.

Boxing Day... the day after Christmas. Even when I did celebrate what most (white) Canadians call Christmas I was never sure what Boxing Day was about or how it fit into the religious angle most of the other consumerist debauchery was decorated with to make it somehow ok spiritually. (Like, greed is ok if it's greed in the name of Baby Jesus. Or something.) If Christmas celebrates drinking... I mean, the birth of Christ... Not that it does but way back the church needed a special day (like a sale) for the pagans to party. How else to get those heathens into the "sphere of their control" (Read: God) and make good Christians out of them? It just so happened that Dec 25th was a day the pagans already celebrated with much debauchery and joy so it was a convenient date to make Christ's birthday party.

But where does Boxing Day fit in?

It seems to be all about SHOPPING!!!!

I don't understand that.

I don't understand a lot.

This blog will soon demonstrate that clearly enough. 

I'm Gordon Gustav and you are not.

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